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Who wants to eat the same thing every day? No-one! and with Oxbow Hay Blends your rabbits and little ones are guaranteed variety.

This larger than average bag contains an impressive 1.1kg of hay for your little ones to enjoy with a blend of two of Oxbow's most popular hays - Western Timothy and Orchard Grass.

Blended together all in one larger bag your rabbits and other small animals can enjoy variety, flavour and different textures with every mouthful. 

Orchard Grass provides a sweeter taste and softer texture while the Western Timothy ensures a slightly crunchy texture and hearty flavour providing all your little ones with high-quality hay to support their natural digestive function.


  • Hand-sorted and hand-blended with care
  • Harvested fresh
  • Provides fibre to support digestive health
  • Enriching blend of hays
  • Mix in with normal hay to forage - reduce boredom

Feeding Guide

Place large handfuls in your pets home daily.

Pack: 1.1kg

Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 7.00%, Crude Fat (min) 1.50%, Crude Fiber (max) 32.00%, Moisture (max) 15.00%