Hay Blends - Western Timothy & Orchard Grass

Oxbow Hay Blends is a nutritious and sweet smelling hay that rabbits and other small animals find impossible to resist!  

Working hand-in-hand with their family of farms Oxbow hay is a premium product designed to truly care for your rabbits and small animals.

Timothy Hay & Orchard Grass In One!

Each bag contains a delightfully fragrant and highly tempting blend of Oxbow's best selling Timothy Hay and Orchard Grass making every bite a supremely tasty treat to tempt even fussy eaters!

Larger Size Bag

An impressively large amount of hay awaits your little-ones with over a kilo of hay packed into each pack of Hay Blends giving your pets plenty to chew over while they ponder their day!

Taste & Texture

A delicious blend of Timothy Hay and Orchard Grass;

Timothy Hay - With a fresh fragrance to tempt even fussy eaters and a texture that sits comfortably between soft and coarse Timothy Hay is a superb all-round performer and a mainstay of any small animals diet.

Orchard Grass - is an aromatic high-fibre, flat-bladed grass with a deliciously tempting fruity aroma that looks similar to timothy grass but typically has less coarse stems which results in a much softer hay. 

Nutritional Benefits

Western Timothy hay is low in carbohydrates, protein and calcium while having the added benefit of being high in fibre to care for your little-ones teeth and digestion.

Orchard Grass is high in fibre and low in protein to help support the health of small animals by stimulating digestion.

Natural Diet

Grown naturally by trusted farmers Oxbow Timothy Hay contains no artificial flavours, colors, or preservatives.

Hand Sorted

When hay arrives at the Oxbow farm their quality assurance process means that hay is graded, analysed, and then sorted by skilled team members who filter the highest-graded hay by hand ensuring to removing less than premium portions and keep only the very best to be packed in the bag.

Colour & Texture Variation

Timothy Hay can vary between a luscious green soft hay to a coarser cut depending on the time of year it is harvested. 

Premium Quality Veterinary Recommended

Oxbow has created an internationally-recognised brand that has become one of the most trusted names in small animal nutrition from loyal customers to top veterinarians.

Who Should Eat Hay Blends?

Oxbow Hay Blends can be fed in large handfuls daily to most small animals.

    Feeding Guide

    Place large handfuls in your pets home daily.

    Pack: 1.1kg

    Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 7.00%, Crude Fat (min) 1.50%, Crude Fiber (max) 32.00%, Moisture (max) 15.00%