Hay 'n' Treat Maze

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The Rosewood Hay 'n' Treat Maze is a unique hay covered maze for all small animals.

Many of the raised tubes are prefilled with a hard carrot based treat filling and marigold petals. There is also the addition of a small packet of Grainless Herb & Veg Drops which can be scattered into the remaining hiding places encouraging your pets natural foraging instincts.

The Hay 'n' Treat Maze can also be used for feeding at dinner times instead of a bowl to provide increased boredom busting activity. 

Made from hay covered parchment and created for fun and foraging this is a gnawable challenge for all small animals from rabbits to hamsters.


  • Boredom Buster
  • Encourages natural foraging instincts
  • Ideal for all small animals
  • Some holes prefilled with treats
  • Sample packet of Grainless Herb & Veg Drops also included

Additional Information

Composition: Hay 39.2%, vegetable starch, carrot (12%), peas, yellow millet, red millet, marigold (2.3%), fenugreek seed, vegetable oil, beetroot, parsley, dandelion, ribwort, nettle, oat herb

Size Guide

Approx dimensions: W28 x D18cm x H5cm