Hay 'n' Treat Swing

The Rosewood Naturals Hay 'n' Treat Swing is a delightful way to enrich your rabbit & small animals environment with extra hidden treats inside too!

Provide your rabbits & small animals with an extra stimulating challenge by hanging the Rosewood Naturals Hay 'n' Treat Swing. As they try to eat the delicious meadow hay that coats the parchment tube they will every so often release a hidden, grainless veg 'n' herb treat too!

Adding to the varied nutritional qualities of the Rosewood Hay 'n' Treat Swing the hazelnut branch even helps to keep teeth in good shape as they chew and gnaw their way through it!

A fun, enriching, challenging and nutritious toy for your rabbits & small animals, it really is a must for every home.


  • Interactive
  • Hidden Treats
  • Natural
  • Boredom buster