The Hay Experts

Hazel Chew Sticks with Parsley

More than just any chew stick these Hazel Chew Sticks by The Hay Experts combine the best of a natural chew with an extra tasty layer of yummy parsley - irresistible for your little ones!

Each Hazel Wood stick has a 'frosting' of dried parlsey sprinkled all over it making it the perfect toy, nibble, chew and fun thing all in one!

Tempting for your rabbits and small animals the chewing will help keep their teeth in good condition and the all-natural hazel wood and parsley promote their overall wellbeing.

Additional Information

Ingredients: Hazel Wood, Dried Parsley 

Typical analysis: Parsley - crude fibre 15.9%

    Size Guide

    Pack size: 50g (sticks vary in diameter, length approx 2-3 inches)