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Herbs Plus


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A bumper bag of dried herbs for your rabbits and small animals.

Rosewood Naturals Herbs Plus is bursting with delicious herbs, grains and vegetables. 

This exciting blend of herbs (including parsley, peppermint and red clover), grains and vegetables is perfect for all small animals, but especially adored by rabbits and guinea pigs. 

Just because rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and mice are small it doesn't mean they should be forgotten. They are just as important as any other pet and as such providing them with a rich, stimulating environment and varied diet is a fundamental part of their life.


  • Larger than average bag containing a huge 500g
  • Carefully dried to maintain goodness
  • Mix in with your rabbits hay for foraging fun
  • Packed with delicous wide blend

Additional Information

Ingredients: Oat flakes, wheat flakes,  pea flakes, carrot, beetroot, parsley, popped wheat,popped corn, alfalfa, grain extrusions, peppermint,dandelion, locust bean fruit, flaked corn, balm, marigold, red clover.
Analysis: Protein 13.5%, Oils 2.8%, Fibre 13.6%, Ash 5.5%g