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Herby Birch Tunnel

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The Hay Experts Herby Birch Tunnel is one of our favourite products for rabbits that you can buy.

This unassuming wooden log is actually packed full of delicious plantain and marigold all encased in a delicious birch log with bark that your rabbits and small animals can enjoy stripping!

Don't write this off before you try it, although more expensive than other treats/toys the Herby Birch Tunnel can be refilled time and time again for a long lasting and boredom busting toy.

Providing hours of fun for your rabbits and small animals they have to work to reach all the delicious herbs packed tightly into the middle of the log. 

We often give our own bunnies this as a treat and it lasts a couple of days as they throw it around trying to reach everything that smells so good! We stuff it with hay, herbs and treats keeping them busy and entertained preventing any boredom. 


  • Suitable for most small animals
  • Stuffed with plantain & marigold
  • Great for chewing and gnawing
  • Can assist in the abrasion of teeth
  • 100% natural

Additional Information

Size: approximately 19cm long and 7cm wide (will vary slightly due to wood variation).

Contents: Approximately 15g Plantain and 10g Marigold