Hide 'N' Treat Forage Tray

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The Rosewood Hide 'N' Treat Forage Tray has been designed to encourage foraging and slower feeding; plus to provide your little ones with a fun and stimulating challenge.

Interactive Fun

The edible logs are made from wood fibres mixed with vegetable-based ingredients and provide the perfect space to stuff with treats, forage or their everyday food. step the challenge up and place edibles around the logs too.

Add or remove logs, or tip some over, to vary the degree of challenge and to match your pet's size and ability.

Cares for Teeth

They're as hard as solid wood, without the risk of splintering so can help to wear down teeth as they're gnawed.  

Who is it for?

Ideal for rabbits, Guinea pigs and other rodents, as well as most small to medium sized parrots such as conures and Amazons.

Size Guide

The FSC wooden tray is 18cm x 18cm.