Hutch & Home Cleaning Tool

The Rosewood Hutch 'n' Home Cleaning Tool is designed to make cleaning hutches and indoor homes quicker and easier, making more time for you and your small animals.

A comfortable padded handle makes it easy to use and the slightly weighted metal end ensures a smooth process of cleaning your rabbits & small animals hutch.

Makes collecting hay and other debris quick, simple and almost enjoyable! The blade is also child safe so the whole family can get involved.

Designed with an ideal sized 15.5cm blade and square corner edges, this tool is perfect for getting into tight corners, as well as separating still clean and dry bedding from damp or dirty patches.


  • Child-safe blade
  • Designed to get into tight corners
  • Comfortable grip
  • Wooden handle with comfort grip

Size Guide

Blade: 15.5cm

Overall: L35 x W20 x H10cm