For the dog whose passion for fetch knows no bounds, the pontoon-like Ruffwear Hydro Plane floats high on snow and water alike for year-round performance.


The  Hydroplane floats on the surface of water so it is easy for both you and your dog to spot, the bright colours also make it easier to spot in water/snow depending on which surface you intend to play.

Soft on Gums/Teeth

Dogs learning to fetch can build confidence with the soft construction which won't hurt their teeth or gums

Easy To Hold

The oversized-ring design is easy to pick up and may even inspire a game of tug, making it great for training and exercising and an all-around good time.

Additional Information 

Ruffwear toys are designed to be interactive – it's just more fun that way. While these toys suit a range of play styles, dogs can be crafty and determined chewers, so supervised play is recommended. If any part of the toy becomes loose or detached, take the toy away and discard.  


Trail Tested Guarantee (details here)

Size Guide

Available in 2 sizes: 9 in (23 cm), and 12 in (30.5 cm)