The Ruffwear Hydroplane is a dog frisbee that will fly to the top of your dog's favourite list thanks to all it's doggy friendly features.

With no hard edges, the Hydroplane is a super soft and super buoyant foam disc which is perfect for play on land or water whatever the weather.

The pontoon-style construction ensures the Ruffwear Hydroplane floats high on the water making it easily visible to you and your dog while the oversized shape makes it easy to pick up.

Decorated in brightly coloured durable fabrics which will stand out on the water, grass or even snow, the abrasion resistant materials will be a joy to play with year round, whatever the weather.

Each Hydroplane toy is designed to maintain it's shape due to it's doggy durable construction but is soft so it won't hurt your dog's teeth or gums even when catching it mid-flight.


  • Trail Tested Guarantee (details here)
  • Floats on top of the water so it's easy for dogs to spot while swimming
  • Over-sized for easy pick-up, play, and visibility
  • Soft interior foam is easy on dog's mouth and returns to its original shape every time

Size Guide

Approx 12" in diameter