Swamp Cooler Zip Dog Cooling Vest

Size Guide

The Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Zip Dog Cooling Vest has a high-performance athletic fit that is designed to provide maximum cooling for your dog during fast, high-intensity adventures. 

Technical fabrics are designed to bring cooling directly to where your dog needs it most and the stylish appearance means this cooling vest is a fantastic option for your dog when they need help staying cool.

What's New?

Ruffwear have updated the Swamp Cooler Zip (formerly known as the Jet Stream) with new materials to hold more water and a longer charge, and new patterning and construction for an improved fit and performance.

Cooling Effect

Technical fabrics are located on the chest and belly panels of the Jet Stream Vest beside your dog's vital organs which provides them with three-layer evaporative cooling right where they need it most. 

Triple Evaporative Cooling

The intelligent three layer construction of the Jet Stream helps to efficiently cool your dog's core;

  1. the initial cooling phase utilises the technical fabric to reflect heat and facilitate evaporation;
  2. the absorbent middle layer stores water for evaporation;
  3. the inner layer then transfers the vital cooling effect to your dog.

Meanwhile the spandex panel across the top helps create shade further improving the cooling benefits.

Please note that the spandex panel has been designed to be lightweight to ensure freedom of movement but care should be taken to prevent snagging due to the thin nature of the fabric.

UPF +50 Rated Fabric

In warm climates, dogs typically stay cool by seeking shade in the heat of the day, when that isn't possible the lightweight spandex back panel provides shelter from direct sun and has the added benefit of being UPF rated to 50+ for increased sun protection.

Athletic Streamlined Fit

Designed to be lightweight and sleek the Jet Stream ensures an athletic fit ideal for any dogs who still want to move around enjoying high-intensity adventures when it's hot outside. 

A zipped side closure keeps the coat snug to your dog and offers increased performance and minimal wind resistance.

How to Use

Quick and simple to 'activate' simply soak the entire Jet Stream in cool water then squeeze out any excess water to prevent it dripping and then place it on your dog.

You should continually monitor your dog and their cooling coat ensuring that it remains wet at all times, if the coat becomes dry the cooling process will not take place which may result in your dog's temperature increasing.

Other Cooling Coat Options

Want extra coat coverage for even more cooling? Try the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Cooling Coat.

Swamp Cooler Zip Vest or Swamp Cooler?

Wondering what the key differences are between the Swamp Cooler and Swamp Vest? The Swamp Cooler is made completely with technical cooling fabric across the entire coat which cools your dog's vital organs as well as their entire body. The vest features the same cooling fabrics on the chest and belly areas beside their vital organs but not across the entire body. This means the Swamp Cooler has greater coverage of the technical cooling fabrics and provides maximum cooling.

The style of the Swamp Zip is designed to be a lightweight vest to help keep cool when your dog is active whereas the Swamp Cooler is ideal for dogs who need maximum cooling at all times whether active or resting.

Barks & Bunnies - Tried & Tested

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Trail Tested Guarantee

Trail Tested Guarantee (details here)

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