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This Kong Puppy Wubba is perfectly sized for puppies.

Our own dogs Kizzie & Albie both had a Puppy Wubba when they were young and spent endless hours grabbing the legs and throwing it around.

The top of the toy has a durable built-in squeak giving your puppy an all-round fun, interactive tug toy. a great starter toy for your puppy from the Kong puppy toy range made with durable, reinforced fabric to cope with their little razor teeth.

Some dogs prefer specifically shaped toys,some prefersoft plushtoys while other dogs willplay with anything! Most dogs naturally want to play and toys really can enrich their life, addingvariety to their day, exercise, and interaction withyou, their amazingowner. So keep play fun, engaging and if you are anything like us you will keep buying toy after toy while you try and find your dog's favourite!

If you have a preferred colour option please pop a note on your order at the checkout and we will do our best however if it is unavailable we will ask Albie (our golden retriever!) to choose you a different colour.


  • Watch the video below to see why every dog needs a wubba!
  • Suitable for puppies
  • Squeaks for added interested
  • Can be thrown around!

See it in action - watch the video

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