Danish Design

Lumberjack Box Duvet

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The Danish Design Lumberjack Box Duvet is made with hard-wearing brushed cotton fabric which is soft to the touch for your dog's comfort.

Filled with supersoft polyester fibre to provide maximum warmth and comfort to your dog the Lumberjack Box Duvet features a leather look badge to complete the rustic check for a super stylish dog bed.


The big rectangular shape is flat without sides which allows your dog to fully stretch out and relax in complete comfort on this delightfully soft dog bed.

Quality Fabrics

Danish Design has been making dog bedding for more than 30 years in the beautiful heart of Yorkshire. They only use downright brilliant fabrics that perform as good as they look because only the very best will do for your pets and you. 


      How to Measure:

      These are rectangular beds so it just depends on how much room your dog likes so they can spread out and how many dogs will be sleeping! A dog achieves proper REM sleep when able to lie fully flat out on their side.

      Size Centimetres
      Medium 88 x 67 x 12
      Large 125 x 79 x 12