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Luxury Eco Chuck Ball

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The Green & Wilds Chuck Ball is an eco friendly, luxury dog toy with four layers of jute twin stitched over a recycled cotton and jute rope, the ball is then also covered in a soft suede!

Constructed with jute this toys eco-friendly credentials are strong! Jute is a natural plant fibre making it a sustainable toy that cares for the environment too. The Chuck Ball by Green & Wilds is tough and long lasting plus being made with jute and cotton there are no added compounds that would harm or be released when chewed. Jute is also 100% biodegradable.

For the final flourish, jute is also 100% biodegradable!

So for a real eco-friendly toy look no further Green & Wilds have the answer and your dog is going to have endless fun chasing their toy, and the rope making it easy for you to throw means the game never needs to end!


  • Ball on a rope
  • Luxury dog toy
  • Eco-friendly
  • Covered with natural suede


The chuck ball is approx 7cm (3") diameter, with a 27cm (10.5") handle