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Mealworms - Tub

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Extra Select Mealworms for Wild Birds are a highly nutritious treat that's packed with protein and a favourite food for all insect-eating birds.

Wrens, robins, woodpeckers and more will flock to your garden more regularly if you offer dried mealworms.

Year-Round Feeding 

A delicious treat that is ideal for year-round feeding.

Feeding Method

This irresistible treat can be fed from a mesh feeder, sprinkled onto a bird table or placed on a ground feeder. 

Your normal seed mix can also be enhanced by blending some mealworms into it thereby increasing the variety offered in your seed feeders and delighting your feathered friends. 

Don't Forget A Drink!

Mealworms can make your visitors more thirsty so be sure to have water nearby or soak the worms in warm water first before feeding to your feathered friends thirst.

Convenient Size

The practical pots are easy to store, inexpensive and provide a straightforward way to provide a little treat to your loved garden visitors with minimum fuss.