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My First Bed

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Looking for a bed for our puppy? Look no further than the Danish Design My First Bed.

If you have just brought your puppy home they will need their own comfortable bed where they can rest and dream of exciting adventures that lay ahead. 'My First Bed' by Danish Design is a soft round bed which has been designed with your puppy in mind.

This cleverly designed bed is packed with features including a 'tick-tock' pocket and comfort ring to help your puppy settle. A heat pad pouch under the inner cushion provides a warm place for them to curl up as they would have with their litter mates.

The comfort ring is removable to give your puppy extra room as they grow but ensuring that you can make sure the bed is a suitable size for your puppy as they grow.

Made from sherpa fleece fabric it features a host of special features to keep your puppy cosy. A great first bed for your puppy to keep them warm, cosy and feeling safe.

The Danish Design reputation reaches far and wide delivering super quality products throughout the UK. Everything is designed by Danish designer Susanne Mortensen. Susanne believes that life's too short for second best and that simple pleasures are often the most rewarding, like sitting and reading, walking the dogs, or jumping in puddles just for fun!


  • Heat pad pouch underneath the inner cushion to take a standard size water bottle or heat pad (not supplied) for extra warmth
  • Base of the inner cushion is made from heavy duty waterproof nylon to protect against any mishaps
  • 'Tick tock' pocket on the outside to hold a ticking clock (not supplied) The ticking mimics the heartbeat of your puppies mother.
  • Removable comfort ring to provide your puppy with added security while they are small. Fully washable
  • Machine washable