Advent Naturals Treat Tree

The Rosewood Naturals Advent Tree is one of the most exciting things for Christmas that we have seen in recent years.

Having been asked every Christmas whether there was an advent treat for rabbits and other small animals we are delighted to finally be able to say "yes"!

Inside the grass-based paper tree-shaped box are 24 deluxe herb, hay and veg mini sticks topped with either coconut, cornflowers rose petals or carrot.

Then on the big day you can fill the empty tree with hay and your little ones' favourite veggies and hang by the jute cord in your pet's home as a Christmas day challenge!

25 days of festive delight for all small animals - ho ho ho!

Eco Friendly

The paper in the tree has a 20% grass content rather than a 100% wood pulp base so it's still safe if eaten but consumes less resources in production than traditional papers.

Additional Information

Each treat is approx 4cm x 1cm x 1cm

Pack weight 70g

Composition; pea flakes (38.1%), carrot (14%), coconut (12.9%), vegetable starch, nettle (6.5%), meadow hay (6.5%), rose petal 4.9%), vegetable oil, parsley (1.1%), peppermint (0.5%), dandelion (0.5%)