Breakfast Cookies

Who says nice has to be naughty?! Rosewood Naturals Breakfast Cookies are so yummy that your rabbits and other small animals will be happy to have a little snack at any time of day!

Each pack contains 3 different cookies that are cereal free and full of tasty ingredients like dandelion, sunflower, marigold, banana, parsley & raspberry.

Carefully prepared with healthy, interesting ingredients we are certain your rabbits and small animals will enjoy the Naturals Breakfast Cookies (ours certainly do!).


  • 6 cookies in each pack!
  • 3 different flavours in each pack
  • Cereal free
  • Natural & tasty
  • Suitable for rabbits and other small animals

Additional Information

Composition: Soy flour, parsley, dandelion, marigold blossoms, bannana, carrots, apples, raspberries, sunflower petals.