Carrot Woodroll

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With the Rosewood Naturals Carrot Woodroll your rabbits and small animals are guaranteed a fun and a tasty snack all in one!

Inside the edible wood is a yummy carroty filling which ensures an oextra tasty challenge! Your little ones will have to nibble their way through the outer wood shell to reach the filling providing your rabbits and other small animals with a boredom busting challenge.

Most pets enjoy these gnaw toy so much they don't stop until it's all gone so be sure to offer it at limited times so you can make sure it lasts, it is a treat after all!

Just because rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and mice are small it doesn't mean they should be forgotten. They are just as important as any other pet and as such providing them with a rich, stimulating environment and varied diet is a fundamental part of their life.


  • Boredom busting treat toy
  • Suitable for rabbits and rodents
  • Edible woodroll and edible filling!
  • Dental health

Additional Information

Ingredients: Wood, carrot, red & yellow millet