Naturals Selection Gift Box

What could be better than the Rosewood Naturals Selection Gift Box for all the rabbits, guinea pigs and every small animal who has been good this year? (and maybe those who have been naughty too!)

Contains three different 100% natural treats and the grass-paper box can also be filled with their favourite hay or beddings for extra foraging fun; plus it has perforated windows and holes to allow for hanging and an extra dose of boredom busting fun!

Who is it for?

Designed for animals over 10 weeks old. Supervision recommended with guinea pigs and smaller animals

What's in the box?

There are three packs of treats within the box;

  • Christmas Cookies (75g) - with meadow hay, pea flakes, carrot & parsley
  • Marigold Balls (100g) - with marigold, alfalfa & carrot
  • Flower Confetti Mix (50g) - with marigold, rose, lavender, lemon balm and peppermint

    Additional Information

    Size: 12.5cm square.

    Notes: Please note the jute ribbon is not to be given to your little ones - but if can be reused on another gift!

    Ingredients:  Christmas Cookies (75g) - pea flakes, carrot, meadow hay, parsley, vegetable oil*, beetroot. Marigold Balls (100g) - ground maize, calendula blossoms (23%), alfalfa, carrot, vegetable starch. Flower Confetti Mix (50g) - calendula blossoms (35%), rose petals (30%), lavender flowers (15%), lemon balm, peppermint (all as dried ingredients, except*)