Danish Design

Newton Slumber Bed

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The Danish Design Newton Slumber Bed is a best selling dog bed due to it's comfortable shape and traditional fabric.

Raised Sides & Dropdown Front

The raised sides help protect your dog from draughts so they can curl up without a care in the world, and a dropdown front means easy access for your dog as they retire in comfort.

Deep & Soft

The inner cusion is a soft polyester fibre cushion and an additional cushion can be purchased to make the bed even more luxurious with a deeper cushion pile beneath your dog should they require additional comfort, particularly beneficial for those who are unwell or older. 

Why Danish Design?

Danish Design has been making dog bedding for more than 30 years in the beautiful heart of Yorkshire. They only use downright brilliant fabrics that perform as good as they look because only the very best will do for your pets and you. 

      Size Guide

      How to Measure:

      The dimensions below are taken from the widest point on the outside base of the bed. The interior of the bed will be slightly less than the measurements below because of the padded base and sides. If replacing an existing bed we would recommend you turn it upside down and measure it at it's widest point and select your size by the guide below allowing additional room for the padding.

      The breed size is a guide only. Each dog prefers a different style bed with some preferring a snug cosy fit and others enjoying a bigger bed that allows them to stretch out. Please consider this when selecting your size and measure as suggested above.

      Size Inches Breed (Guide only)
      XX-Small 18
      small toy breeds & puppies
      X-Small 21 puppies, small terriers
      Small 24 terriers, miniature schnauzers
      Medium 27 spaniel sized breeds
      Large 30
      spaniel/collie sized breeds
      X-Large 35
      golden retrievers, labradors
      XX-Large 40
      bernese mountain dog, german shepherd