Wooden 3D Nibble Stix

A fabulous boredom breaker to help keep those teeth in good condition.

These Rosewood Boredom Breaker Nibble Stix are made from pet safe wood and are ideal for all small animals to gnaw on and play with. Rabbits, hamsters and other rodents not only enjoy but actually benefit from being able to gnaw wood.

These delightful vegetable inspired gnaw toys are approximately 2 inches long and encourage your small animals natural instinct to gnaw.

Rabbits and other small animals don't always get as much of our time as other anipals, so it's even more important that they are kept mentally stimulated and the Rosewood Boredom Breaker range is an ideal way to help achieve this.


  • Suitable for ALL small animals
  • Made from pet safe wood
  • Multi-pack of 3 chews
  • Helps take care of teeth