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Olivewood Chew

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Green & Wilds Olivewood Chews are a natural plant-based dog chew that's infused with olive oil and both sustainably grown and sourced while also being fantastically tasty and satisfying for your dog.

Ethical & Sustainable

Green & Wilds Olivewood Chews are harvested annually from managed stock in in 'Olivar' (field of Olive trees) which results in a dog chew that is 100% sustainably grown and sourced to consider the environment as well as your dog's needs.

What is Olivewood?

Olivewood is a very close-grained wood that is harder than most native woods found in Great Britain and doesn't product sharp splinters.

Infused with Olive Oil

To keep this wooden dog chew as close to it's original natural state as possible the Olivewood Chews aren't processed in any way. Once harvested they are graded for size and quality before being dried and sanded and infused with olive oil to give a healthy, safe and satisfying chew for your dog. 

Cleans Teeth

Acting as a natural toothbrush for your dog the chewing action helps remove tartar and as your dog gnaws their chew happy chemicals are naturally released by their brain which benefits their overall wellbeing.

No Splinters

Olivewood chews are safer than normal sticks, they don't splinter and will slowly 'chew down' as your dog enjoys their reward.  

Product Variation

This is a natural product and the size and shape of each chew will vary.

    Size Guide

    This is a natural product the size and shape will vary, as a rough guide we would suggest that the large size would be suitable for golden retrievers and larger while the medium would suit spaniel sized breeds - this is a ROUGH guide.

    Small - for all sizes including puppies

    Medium - for all sizes including puppies

    Large - for all sizes including puppies

    Additional Information

    Fibre 79.95, Ash 0.6, Fat 0.27, Protein2.07, Phosphorus 0.01

    trace elements of Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Calcium.