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Ox Jerky Chews

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Green & Wilds Ox jerky chews are a 100% natural chew with a tough texture and rich flavour for a satisfying, long lasting chew.

They make a great snack for dogs of all ages and sizes, especially dogs who enjoy chewing and require longer-lasting chew treats.

Hypoallergenic & Natural

Made with 100% beef tendon and no hidden nasties these naturally air-dried chews contain no artificial additives, flavourings or preservatives. 

Air Dried & Nutritious

The chews are air dried before being packed to retain all that meaty goodness for your dog maximising proteins, oils and vitamins which help to build and maintain your dog's health.

Nutritional Benefits

They are low in fat, high in protein, completely digestible and a perfect accompaniment for any healthy diet.

Healthy Gums & Teeth

Green & Wilds Ox Jerky Chews have a tough texture providing a natural toothbrush to help support and care for your dog's teeth and gums. 

Natural Ingredients

Green & Wilds believe in truly natural healthy chews and treats with ingredients you and your dog can trust. Using only responsibly and sustainably sourced ingredients these treats contain no rubbish, no fibs, and no compromises!

    Additional Information

    150g weight

    Ingredients: 100% Beef tendon

    Nutritional Analysis: Crude protein 69.8%, Crude fat 24.9%, Humidity 12%