Alfalfa Hay

Oxbow Alfalfa Hay is a sweet soft hay that appeals to all rabbits and small animals and provides specific health benefits to growing, pregnant, or nursing pets.

Working hand-in-hand with their family of farms Oxbow hay is a premium product designed to truly care for your rabbits and small animals.

Succulent Taste

Appealing to all rabbits Oxbow Alfalfa Hay can be especially useful to tempt and stimulate the appetite of any unwell rabbits or those who are post-surgical.


With a super soft texture and super sweet taste the texture of this hay will appeal to most small animals.

High-Value Nutrition

Oxbow Alfalfa Hay is a high-fibre legume forage hay that is sometimes called the "Queen of Forages" because of it's higher protein, calcium and energy content than standard grass hay.

Natural Diet

Grown naturally by trusted farmers Oxbow Alfalfa Hay contains no artificial flavours, colors, or preservatives.

Hand Sorted

When hay arrives at the Oxbow farm their quality assurance process means that hay is graded, analysed, and then sorted by skilled team members who filter the highest-graded hay by hand ensuring to removing less than premium portions and keep only the very best to be packed in the bag.

Premium Quality Veterinary Recommended

Oxbow has created an internationally-recognised brand that has become one of the most trusted names in small animal nutrition from loyal customers to top veterinarians.

Who Should Eat Alfalfa Hay?

Due to the higher level of calcium found in Alfalfa it should only be fed as a treat to healthy adult rabbits. 

For young animals under 6 months of age or nursing animals that need concentrated nutrition it can be fed in generous handfuls daily.