Activity Tunnel

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Every rabbit needs a tunnel to play with and the Rosewood Boredom Breaker Activity Tunnel is ideal to satisfy that natural instinct.

Suitable for all rabbits and small animals the velcro tabs allow multiple tunnels to be connected for endless tunneling fun. The easy clean fabric makes it practical and at 90cm long there is plenty of space to stretch out inside too.

In the wild rabbits live in a network of tunnels and these warrens give them a safe place to hide, relax and regulate their temperature. Domestic rabbits still get a huge amount of enjoyment from scampering through the Rosewood Activity Tunnels as it satisfies a natural instinct and helps prevent boredom.

PLEASE NOTE colour supplied may vary.


  • Satisfies natural instincts
  • Ideal for rabbits & guinea pigs
  • Velcro tabs allow multiple tunnels to be connected
  • Boredom breaker
  • Provides a safe place to hide

Size Guide

approx 90cm long x 20cm diameter