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Premium Wild Bird Seed

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Extra Select Premium Wild Bird Seed is specially formulated to attract a host of smaller and more colourful birds to your garden.

All birds will enjoy this premium mix of seeds and in turn, it will give you the enjoyment of knowing you're aiding their survival.

Highly Nutritious

This feed is bursting with nutrients due to it's varied ingredients including a high percentage of sunflower hearts - an energy-rich and easily digestible food source for a variety of birds.

Year-Round Feeding

Suitable all year round, with a high percentage of smaller seeds, this feed is easier for smaller birds to consume.

How to Feed?

This irresistible treat can be fed from a mesh feeder, sprinkled onto a bird table or placed on ground feeder. 

You can also enhance your normal seed by blending some mealworms into it thereby increasing the variety offered in your seed feeders and delighting your garden visitors. 

Type of Bird

Created for all birds but especially suited to Blackbird, Chaffinch, Collared dove, Dunnock, Greenfinch, House sparrow, Robin, Song thrush and Wrens.

Additional Information

Composition: wheat, black sunflower, cut maize, white millet, kibbled spilt peas, red millet seed, niger seed, sunflower hearts, vegetable oil.

Calorific value K/Cal 413.4, protein per cent 16.9, fat per cent 12.92, starch (Carb) per cent 60.8, ash per cent 2.36