Pufferfish Treat Dispenser

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Brightkins Pufferfish Tough & Tumble treat dispenser provides bright ways for pets to play increasing their mental stimulation creating happy vibes and preventing boredom.

How to Use

Wiggle, Wobble, Snack! Load this bouncing rubber-tough dog treat dispenser with dry treats or kibble, then watch dogs use their brains (and paws) to free the tasty snacks inside and get their reward for being so clever.

Doubles as Slow Feeder

When used at mealtime this pet treat dispenser encourages fast eaters to slow down and avoid upset stomachs!

Sniff Out The Fun!

As dogs sniff out their snacks with this colorful dog treat toy, they’ll also build enrichment and burn energy, some experts say 20 minutes of sniffing is equal to a one-hour walk!

How to clean 

Brightkins interactive dog treat puzzles and treat dispensers should be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap.

Additional Information

If you have a preferred colour please leave a note on your order at the checkout and we will do our very best to send it, however if it's unavailable we will ask one of our pawsome team to pick you something else we think you will love.

Size Guide

Small approx 8.6cm, Large approx 11.6cm