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Raspberry Leaf

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What bunny doesn't love an autumn crop of raspberries and now with a bag of The Hay Experts Raspberry it can last all year round.

As the fruiting canes die back in winter waiting for new growth in spring your rabbits & small animals can still enjoy the delicious taste of raspberry leaf throughout the year.

Raspberry Leaf is excellent at supporting normal metabolism, and is high in fibre too!

Every bag is hand sorted to provide optimal quality for your rabbits and small animals and the bag is bursting with a whopping 150g of beautifully fragrant dried raspberry leaf.

Sprinkle around yourlittle-ones home for added exercise and some boredom busting fun which stimulates their natural foraging instinct. 


  • 100% natural
  • High in fibre
  • Supports normal metabolism
  • Hand sorted to ensure quality
  • Suitable for most small animals

Additional Information

Pack size: 125g

Ingredients: Raspberry leaves, nothing more, nothing less!

Typical analysis: fibre 15.1%, ash 8%, moisture 11.9%