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Friendly Readigrass is made exclusively from Friendship Estates fields in the heart of Yorkshire and harvested at an early stage whilst still fresh and green before the grain develops.

Source of Fibre

Packed with essential nutrients to care for your little-ones general health and wellbeing Readigrass is a natural fibre source which helps keep their digestive system moving effectively. 

Dental Health

The natural chewing motion supports dental welfare by helping keep teeth worn down and in excellent condition.

      Additional Information

      Feed sparingly if your rabbit isn't used to eating grass and introduce to their diet slowly.

        Ingredients: 100% Dried grass

        Composition: Protein 12%, Oil 2%, Crude Fibre 28%, Vitamin C 150mg/kg, Calcium 0.55%, Phosphorus 0.27%

        Pack: 1kg

        How is the grass dried?

        The grass is dried quickly at high temperatures and immediately sealed in air tight water proof packaging. This technique retains the high nutritional value without any discolouration and as soon as you open the bag your small animals will be greeted with the aromatic scent of fresh grass.  

        The drying process sterilises every blade killing virtually all parasites, mites, fleas, fungal spores and other harmful contaminants often found in some hay.

        As Readigrass is cut and dried all year round, the cut can vary from a very rich, totally leafy dark green grass to a mixed green/light green mostly stalky cut.