Reindeer Snuffle Forage Mat

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The Rosewood Reindeer Snuffle Forage Mat is suitable for dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and other pets who will enjoy a game of 'find the treat'.

Encouraging their natural instinct to forage and hunt for food the Snuffle Mat brings a festive flavour to their boredom-busting activity mat. 

The multiple layered super-soft felt strands trap food/treats between the pieces challenging your little one to paw and nose their way to find a reward. Mentally stimulating it can help prevent boredom and by encouraging movement to find their food it can help be a source of exercise too. 

What food can I hide? 

For best results with all pets we recommend using dried food or treats.

Additional Information

Important: made with pet-safe fabric, but always supervise your pet and remove the mat if they attempt to chew or eat it. Do not use on light coloured furnishings, especially if damp. 

Size Guide 

Approx 38cm long Reindeer character mat made from soft, felt fabric threaded through a thicker felt base