Rollin Rodent Sand Bath - Outlet Store

Best Before Date - 7/23

The Rosewood Rollin Rodent Sand Bath is a natural sand bath for your little ones to enjoy and we are sure must be much more enjoyable for them than a metal tray!

Made with edible board which is covered in meadow hay it will appeal to all small animals instincts as a welcoming environment for them to 'wash away' the days stresses and just have some plain old good fun!

Included in the bathing box is a bag of the special sepiolite bathing sand, which is softer and kinder to your pet's fur and helps to absorb excess oils.

An extra bonus is the cooling effect the sand can have for your pets making it ideal for use in warmer weather!

Who is it for? 

Great for Degus, Gerbils, Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters.

Size Guide

Approx 19 x 12 x 8cm.