The Beacon USB Safety Light

The waterproof Ruffwear Beacon USB Safety Light is a must for all dog owners as the days get shorter and walks get darker.


The high capacity rechargeable USB battery is housed within a waterproof translucent shell which is designed to exude light from all angles, an innovative design that enhances the safety performance of this superb dog safety light by emitting light not only from the top but also around the sides.

Low Battery Indicator

An indicator light signals when there is approximately one hour of illumination remaining, so co-adventurers won't get caught out in the dark.

Versatile Colour Options

The Beacon Light is a single unit collar light which has the option of three colours and three different light modes, steady on, slow flash and fast flash all within the same unit - you can rotate through the settings to select your preferred option with the simple push of a button.

Perfect for Multi Dog Homes

With so many different colour options and light settings, the Beacon is ideal for use with multiple dogs making it easy to select a different mode/colour for each light so you know where each dog is.

USB Charging Included

A standard 15cm USB charging cable is included with your order so you will be ready to head out on your evening walks straight away with this easy to use, robust waterproof LED dog light.

Quick Clip

Completed with an easy Quick Clip to the rear of the Ruffwear Beacon light it is well suited to all Ruffwear apparel and collars where there is a dedicated light loop.

Make your adventures with your canine companion a little bit brighter with the Ruffwear Beacon.

Estimated Battery Life

The battery life is a guideline only and will be affected by external factors such as weather/temperature. Under 'normal conditions' you should expect approximately 6 hours battery life in the “solid” mode, 20 hours in “blinking” mode or 12 hours “wave” mode.

Trail Tested Guarantee

Trail Tested Guarantee (details here)


    One size only.

    2017 Dimensions L x W x H
    45 x 42 x 25 mm