The Ruffwear Gourdo is a durable and chew-resistant dog toy made from natural rubber to create a fun fetch toy that cares for your dog and the environment.

Easy To throw

A soft rope handle makes it easy to throw the Gourdo long distances while the three bright colours are easy to see on land or in water. For dogs who enjoy an interactive game with you the kernmantle rope also makes it ideal for games of tug.

Great for Teeth

Featuring a raised dimple surface the Gourdo provides gum massaging health benefits as your dog plays and carries or fetches their toy.

Interactive Play

An internal chamber is designed to hold treats or other small kibble creating added interest for your dog.

Sustainable & Durable

The natural latex rubber used to create this super fun dog toy is a renewable and sustainable source so you can have peace of mind that not only is your dog having fun but the planet is being cared for too.

Please note:  All Ruffwear toys are designed to be interactive – it's just more fun that way. While our toys suit a range of play styles, dogs can be crafty and determined chewers, so supervised play is recommended. If any part of the toy becomes loose or detached, take the toy away and discard.

Size Guide

Small - 1.75" diameter / 5.25" long

Large - 2.5" diameter / 8" long