The Turnup is an interactive toy that's almost round, so it bounces in all directions - ideal for athletic dogs of any size. 

Easy To throw

Tennis ball size fits in standard-sized ball thrower. 

Durable & Sustainable

Made from natural, latex rubber - a renewable resource.

Cares For Teeth

The textured surface also provides gum massage for your dog as they carry their toy!

Two Hole Design For Safety 

With a hole at either end for your dog's safety to prevent suction the resulting internal chamber can also be used to hold treats or other small kibble providing added interest for your dog and boredom busting brain stimulation. 

Please note:  All Ruffwear toys are designed to be interactive – it's just more fun that way. While these toys suit a range of play styles, dogs can be crafty and determined chewers, so supervised play is recommended. If any part of the toy becomes loose or detached, take the toy away and discard.

Size Guide

Available in one size - 2.5" / 6cm diameter