Simply Nibbles Hay 'n' Herb Veggie Bowl

The Simply Nibbles Veggie Bowl is 100% edible and made only from natural ingredients including lots of veggies and herbs!

Filled with crunchy veggie pieces to boost taste and tempt your little ones this delicious 100% edible bowl is likely to become a firm favourite with your little ones.

Contains no added flavours so you can feel confident in what you are feeding and make it last longer make sure your pets don't over indulge, it is a treat after all so simply add/remove over approximately 1 week.

Who is it for?

Suitable for rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats.

Additional Information 

Composition: pea starch, meadow hay (16.5%), oat flakes, pea flakes (7%), dried carrot (6.3%), wheat flakes, dried parsley (4.2%), alfalfa wheat, vegetable oil, marigold blossoms, puffed wheat, flaked maize, puffed maize, lemon balm (1.7%), peppermint (1,6%), dried beetroot (1.4%), ribwort (1.4%), echinacea (1.2%), oats, red clover, dandelion (0.2%)

Weight 160g