Snuffle Forage Mat for Small Animals

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Your rabbits and small animals will love the Rosewood Snuffle Forage Mat, designed to stimulate and engage this fun interactive toy will enrich their lives and help prevent boredom.

The ability to forage for food and treats is for most animals a natural instinct and the Snuffle Mat allows you to bring that to your pets in almost any environment.

With multiple layered super-soft felt strands any food or treats get's 'trapped' between the pieces meaning your little one has to paw and nose their way to find their reward. Mentally stimulating it can help prevent boredom and by encouraging movement to find their food it can help be a source of exercise too.

What food can I hide?

For best results we recommend using dried food or treats however rabbits and other small animals will love games of hide and seek with all types of dried and even fresh foods, such as herbs.


Can be handwashed as required with a little mild detergent, thoroughly rinse and leave to air dry.

Size Guide

Approx 29.5 x 20cm.