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Soft Cut Timothy Hay

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March 2021: Please note the current stock is a mix of soft leaf and stem due to harvest issues earlier in the growing season. Still green, aromatic and yum!

The Hay Experts Soft Cut Timothy Hay is a 3rd cut timothy that's soft leafy and oh, SO aromatic!

Great for Dental Buns

This delicious and soft hay is perfect for all small animals but especially any dentally challenged buns who may struggle with coarser hays.

Extra Healthy

Rapid dried to lock in all that is good every bag of Soft Cut Timothy Hay is rich in nutrients, tasty and certain to delight.

General Wellbeing

A great source of fibre for both digestion and dental health.

Mixing it Up!

Most small animals will benefit from being offered a range of hays to provide a variety of tastes and texture, and to help promote normal foraging behaviour and an all-round dental workout!

If your little ones prefer some seed heads and a little coarse stemminess in their hay, why not try our standard Timothy Hay.

Feeding Guide

We recommend a slow introduction if your little ones are not used to fresh grass, and feed a variety of hays for interest and optimal dental wear

Additional Information

Pack: 1kg

Crude fibre 30.5%