The Hay Experts


We can't say enough good things about The Hay Experts Strawberry!

Your rabbits and small animals can enjoy the sweet and succulent taste of strawberry all year round. Every bag is hand sorted to ensure optimal quality for your little-ones and make a tasty treat to stimulate their appetite.

While these wrinkly, funny looking things may not look much they are bursting with flavour and high in vitamin C and B vitamins too. It's completely natural for them to have lost their bright red colour during the natural drying process but they certainly haven't lost any flavour! 

Strawberry is enjoyed by rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals but as with all fruits should be fed sparingly as it is high in natural sugars.


  • Hand sorted to ensure quality
  • Suitable for most small animals
  • 100% natural
  • High in Vitamin C & B's

Additional Information

Pack size: 25g 

Ingredients: Dried Strawberry pieces

Typical analysis: fibre 6.2%