Summer Harvest

Rabbits and small animals will be able to enjoy a summers day year round with the super special Rosewood Summer Harvest.

The taste and aroma of a true English summer will burst out of the bag when you open it with a blend of herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers which has been carefully blended to delight pets of all shapes and sizes,

Mix a little sunshine into your pet's day and bring them a warm smile with their bag of Summer sun. 

Suitable for all Small Animals. 

Additional Information

Composition: Pea flakes (30%), raspberry leaves (25%), mallow herb (15%), chamomile herb (8%), rose blossoms (5%), cornflower (4.5%), chamomile blossoms (4%), strawberry (2%), sunflower petals (1%), mallow blossoms (0.5%)

Analysis: protein 14.2%, crude fat 3.4%, crude fibre 13.6%, crude ash 7.8%, sodium 0.07%