Tidy Bag Refills

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DOOG Tidy Bags are the simple way to clean up after your dog making it easy for you to be a responsible owner when out on walkies.

Strong & Biodegradable

Made from strong, black and most importantly biodegradable material the Tidy Bags have long handles to make sealing and disposal easier.

Use in Combination with DOOG Products

The bags are tightly sealed into handy pocket-sized pouches which are designed for use with many other DOOG Bags (including the best selling Walkie Bag).

They are also the perfect size for slipping into your back pocket if you prefer to head out without any extra walking equipment.


Each bag is scented to remove odours so no nasty smells. To open and use your bags just pull apart the slit on the front of the packet.

Two Sizes

Single refill packs contain 20 waste bags.

Multi refill packs contain 60 waste bags.