Newhay Feeds

Pure Timothy Hay

Newhay Pure Timothy Hay for rabbits and small animals is so fragrant that as soon as you open the bag your little ones will be tempted by the luscious scent.

High Fibre

Newhay Feeds Timothy Hay carries significant benefits for rabbits and other small animals, it's high fibre content helps rabbits maintain healthy gut function.

Dental Health

Feeding your little ones Timothy Hay also cares for your rabbit's teeth (which are continuously growing) by helping to naturally grind them down as they chew.

And as if all those incredible benefits weren't enough... a coarse variety of hay such as Newhay Pure Timothy Hay takes time to chew and prevents boredom as well - oh and just in case you had forgotten this bit... it's super delicious too!

Yorkshire Family Farm

Newhay Pure Timothy Hayis grown and packed on a family farm in Yorkshire where they cut, dry and pack the hay within 48 hours so as to retain all its goodness.

Owned and managed by husband and wife team, Ian and Helen Burrows, their award winning farm is located in Yorkshire UK and they process and pack their hay with the rest of their Newhay team helped by Seb, Gavin and Anthony.

Why Timothy Hay?

There are three parts to a Timothy Hay plant, all of which provide the ideal feed for rabbits and other small animals.

The seed head, leaf and stem which when combined together not only create a tasty and extremely palatable hay but also provide a natural source of vitamins and minerals along with high fibre content for digestive health.

Wildlife Friendly

Newhay Feeds are working with the Operation Pollinator Program to successfully establish and manage pollen and nectar habitats with the aim of encouraging insects including bees and butterflies onto their farm. This international biodiversity program has been created to boost the number of pollinating insects on commercial farms.

    Additional Information

    Composition: Dried Timothy Grass 100%

    Composition: protein 8%, oils &  fats 1.8%, crude fibre 33%, crude ash 7%, beneficial fibre 63% (beneficial fibre is the total indigestible and digestive fibre)