Trail Runner Belt

The Ruffwear Trail Runner Belt makes miles on the trail run smoothly by providing a hip belt and leash system for running with your dog on-leash and hands-free while comfortably carrying the essentials.

What's New: A complete redesign of our 1st generation running belt for a minimal, layflat design appreciated by runners for its comfortable and bounce-free fit.

Comfortable & Bounce Free

The lay-flat design with light padding and stretch storage means a comfortable, bounce-free running experience when carrying essentials such as your phone, keys, and the all-important pick-up bags to keep the trails clean in the two zippered pockets.

Leash Compatible

The separate leash attachment strap is compatible with most leashes: unclip the side-release buckle, thread the strap through the handle of your leash, and clip back in.

The Trail Runner Leash (not included) is our favorite leash to pair with this belt. It’s a dynamic, shock-absorbing design and the optimal length for running, making the Trail Runner™ Running Belt and Leash the system that’ll have both you and your dog excited for your next run.

Complete The Set

Check out the Trail Runner Vest for dogs and you can be confident your best friend will be comfortable while you enjoy your next adventure together.

Size Guide

Sizing is based on waist measurement. Both sizes have a carrying capacity of .6 L and comfortably fit a 360 ml soft flask.


Human Waist



20 - 35 in (51 - 89 cm)

0.6 L

Large/Extra Large

35 - 50 in (89 - 127 cm)

0.6 L