Trail Runner Bowl

The Ruffwear Trail Runner Bowl is an ultralight, packable dog bowl which stuffs into it's own pocket for true portability taking the concept of a dog travel bowl to new and fantastic heights.

Highly Portable

Small enough when packed to fit in the palm of your hand the Trail Runner Bowl can be kept in a pocket, backpack or even the Trail Runner Belt.

This is without a doubt the best travel dogbowl we have seen when considering it's portability and size. It's ultra packable and takes up minimal space.

Large Capacity

Designed for hydration on the go this waterproof nylon bowl can hold an impressive litre of water and once finished folds back into it's own pouch.

Extra Features

A snap popper closure system prevents it from opening when not in use and helps maintain it's compact storage.

Trail Tested Guarantee

Trail Tested Guarantee (details here)

Size Guide

Opening 19cm
Capacity  1 litre