Veggie Burst Salad Patch Treat & Gnaw

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Two years in development the Rosewood Salad Patch from their new Veggie Burst range are made from 100% natural ingredients that are specially processed to make them long-lasting and capable of doubling up as gnaws. 

The Salad Patch really is the star of the show in this new range of gnawing treats, each contains three removable ‘lettuces’ and three ‘carrot’ refills for the edible ‘soil’ patch. The green-coloured treats are rich in hay and grasses (over 50%) with the natural flavours of peas, pumpkin, carrot and apple. The brown coloured treats are made from wheat herb and oat bran with pea fibre, pumpkin and carrot.
As well as being low in fat and high in fibre they are also highly palatable and suitable for rabbits and all rodents.

The creative process developed by Rosewood has produced a product which offers your little ones innovative, fun shapes with great textures making them more enjoyable and engaging.

Additional Information 

Composition: wheat plant (17.1%), oat bran (14.5%), pea fibre (15%), corn starch, timothy hay (9.6%), barley grass (6.8%), corn plant (6.6%), dried pumpkin (4.1%), alfalfa (4.7%), vegetable glycerin, dried carrot (2.9%), dried apple (0.7%), paprika (0.4%), spirulina (0.3%)

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