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Venison Deli Sticks

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Green & Wilds Venison Deli Sticks are irresistible 100% naturally air-dried venison dogs treats that are gluten-free and help build strong bones and muscles.

British Venison Meat

Made with real British venison there aren't any hidden additives or other nasties just good, honest and wholesome venison meat.

Nutritional Benefits

Venison is a naturally rich source of protein that has fewer calories and more iron than any other source of meat.

Low in Fat

Perfect for any dog watching their weight venison meat is naturally low in fat so they can still enjoy a reward or just a treat every so often.

Air Dried & Nutritious

These entirely natural dog treats are irresistible and 100% naturally air-dried to retain the maximum amount of nutrients and flavour.

Size To Your Needs...

These treats can be left as they come or easily cut into smaller bites making them perfect for training with a flavour your dog will relish as a reward.

Natural Ingredients

Green & Wilds believe in truly natural healthy chews and treats with ingredients you and your dog can trust. Using only responsibly and sustainably sourced ingredients these treats contain no rubbish, no fibs, and no compromises!

For an Extra Treat!

Sprinkle any crumbs left in the bag (if there are any!) onto your dog's food for an extra special treat! 

Who are they for?

Green & Wilds Venison Deli Sticks are suitable for all dogs and puppies from 3 months.


  • A highly regarded healthy red meat
  • Venison is naturally lean and low in fat
  • Healthy source of protein and iron
  • Excellent omega 3 qualities
  • Hypoallergenic and gluten free
  • Air dried slowly to retain all the nutrients
  • No artificial colouring or additives

Additional Information

75g weight

100% British Venison Meat, Natural collagen casing

Nutritional Analysis: Protein: 54.3%, Oils and Fat: 25.7%, Fibre: 12.9%, Ash: 5.8%, Moisture: 13.3%