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Venison Sausages with Chopped Apple

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The Innocent Hound Venison Sausages with Chopped Apple are a gluten-free natural dog treat that's low in fat and made with responsibly sourced meat to create a treat with quality ingredients that you and your dog can trust.

Each tub of Venison Sausages with Chopped Apple is bursting with delicious venison meat and juicy apples that will really spoil your dog but in a way that is responsible, healthy and delicious. Perfect for feeding whole or tearing into smaller pieces.... we think your dog will prefer the whole sausage though!

Providing a fantastic single protein source Innocent Hound Venison Sausages with Chopped Apple are made using only venison meat and packed in a handy resealable pot to keep them fresh.

An added bonus to these delightful gourmet dog treats is that the pot makes a tail wagging rattle when shaken and is sure to have your dog come running everytime they hear the sound - great for recall training!

Hypoallergenic & Grain Free

The Innocent Hound Venison Sausages with Chopped Apple are hypoallergenic; they contain no dairy, grain, gluten, soya or beef and are air-dried to maintain nutrients and flavour.


The Scottish venison meat used in Innocent Hound Venison Sausages with Chopped Apple is low in fat and cholesterol as well as providing an alternative protein source which cares for your dog's heart and overall wellbeing. Blended with a delicious mix of apple these treats are also a good source of Vitamin C, dietary fibre and minerals. 

Responsibly Sourced

The Innocent Pet company always use responsibly sourced meat in their Innocent Hound dog treats and this delicious venison meat is sustainably sourced from the Scottish Highlands and has the Scottish Quality Wild Venison accreditation.


The Innocent Pet company have done all the hardwork for you, every pack of Innocent Hound Venison Sausages with Chopped Apple is ready to use with no refrigeration or cooking required.

Just open the pack, feed them to your dog, and take all of the credit, all you need to worry about is making sure you never run out of them!

Handmade Dog Treats by a British Company

Every packet of Innocent Hound Venison Sausages with Chopped Apple are handmade in Yorkshire and this delightful British company (now known as The Innocent Pet Company) is run by a small team that is dedicated to bringing premium quality, natural treats to your dogs.


  • Handmade in Yorkshire
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Grain & gluten free
  • Low in fat
  • Alternative protein source
  • British company
  • Responsibly sourced ingredients
  • The Innocent Hound produced by The Innocent Pet

    Additional Information

    Ingredients: 80% British venison, glycerol (derived from rapeseed oil), diced apple (4%)

    Composition: Crude Protein 32.6%, Crude Oils & Fats 15.8%, Crude Fibres 0.5%, Crude Ash 3.2%, Moisture 31.9%

    Net Weight 100 grams


    Category: Meat Dog Treats

    Type: Dog Treats