VetBed Original Dog & Cat Bedding

Original Vetbed is a hard wearing, everyday dog and cat bedding with unique properties suitable for animals (including rabbits!) at all life stages.

Suitable for all Pets

Suitable for dogs, cats and even rabbits vetbed can help prevent your loved animals slipping while also giving them somewhere comfortable to rest.

Heat Retention

Superb heat retention ensures your pet will be cosy while they rest.

Machine Washable

Simply pop it in your washing machine when it needs a clean, it dries quickly too!


It's hygienic, non-irritant, non-allergenic and non-toxic so ideal for all pets but especially those are sensitive to their surroundings.

Where can you use it?

Simply pop the vetbed down wherever it is needed, in your home, office, crate, bed etc

Suitable for All Life Stages 

Younger animals; Keeping them safe and warm, the special drainage properties ensure they stay dry and warm even in the event of an accident.

Older animals; Enjoy a far higher degree of comfort and mobility with the constant warmth from the heat retaining properties of the fibres.

In Recovery; Vets recommend the product to recumbent animals requiring hospitalisation or pre-post operative care.

Birth Stage; Keep the mother and baby warm and dry whilst retaining body heat, and reducing the risk of hypothermia. The texture gives comfort and security and encourages mobility in the younger by aiding grip. 

Made in England

This product is made in England. 

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