Wellness Gnaw Stone

The Rosewood Wellness Gnaw Stone is a dried/baked natural loam block with added chopped wheat stalks, Jerusalem artichoke and spirulina (a beneficial algae rich in nutrients). Before the loam dries either rose petals, carrot, parsley or mixed herbs are then pressed into the surface for added appeal!

Small animals need to gnaw on hard materials to help maintain healthy teeth. This natural loam block also helps to filfill the desire many animals exhibit to gnaw at baked earth (or the furniture...!).  

There are four coverings to choose from (if you have a preference please indicate in the order notes section when checking out):

Rose petals - adored by chinchillas as well as rabbits and guinea pigs too!
Carrot - all paws favourite!
Mixed herbs - binky-rific
Parsley - enjoyed by all

Can be used free-standing or attached to a cage with the provided string.

Additional Information

Approximate size: 7cm long, 5 cm wide, 2.5cm deep.

Pack: 1 stone.