The Hay Experts

Shredded Willow Bark

Not only is The Hay Experts Willow Bark hand sorted for optimal quality but it is packed in a generous 125g pack for incredible value too!

Willow bark is a natural multi-purpose material for chewing and gnawing which can be highly beneficial in the abrasion of your small animals teeth.

Willow is reputed to have an antibacterial action, and contains tannins that can support normal digestion while also being high in fibre.

For rabbits & small animals who enjoy a willow chew toy this shredded bark is a new way to enjoy a satisfying gnaw!


  • Hand sorted to ensure quality
  • Suitable for most small animals
  • Great for chewing and gnawing
  • Can assist in the abrasion of teeth
  • Natural antibacterial action
  • 100% natural
  • High in fibre

Additional Information

Pack size: 125g

Ingredients: Willow Bark

Typical analysis: fibre 16.2%