Happy Pet

Willow Tube

The large Happy Pet Willow Tube is certain to bring fun to your small animals no matter their size.

If your small animals enjoy nibbling at willow toys this is a real must for them. The diameter is ideally sized for guinea pigs and other small animals to crawl through but fear not as your rabbits won't be left out - the tube is so long that you can stuff it hay and any other treats or herbs to provide an interactive boredom buster.

This is a really versatile toy and the Happy Pet Willow Tube is 100% natural, made without any pesticides and has low salicin levels.

So whether you stuff it full of yumminess for your small animals or let them use it as a tunnel or destruction toy it is certain to bring plenty of fun. Just make sure that there is no chance of your little ones getting stuck if they crawl through it, if in doubt supervise.


  • Ideal for all small animals
  • Guinea pigs & smaller can use as a tunnel
  • Stuff with hay etc for rabbits
  • 100% natural willow

Size Guide

Small - approx length 25cm x 12cm

Large - approx length 32cm x 14cm